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  1. Windows Virtual Desktop is now in public preview  TechCrunch
  2. What is Windows Virtual Desktop?  Microsoft Mechanics
  3. Microsoft angers ex-Windows boss: Halting Office 365 sync on his new iPhone is 'crazy'  ZDNet
  4. Microsoft is bringing its Defender antivirus software to the Mac  The Verge
  5. Microsoft Defender comes to the Mac  TechCrunch
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  1. Trump claims he wants Mueller findings public. Hmm.  CNN
  2. New Mueller probe revelations explain Trump's rage  CNN
  3. Trump: Mueller report should be released to public  CBS News
  4. Waiting for Mueller's report -- Here's the truth about what the Special Counsel can and can't do  Fox News
  5. Mueller Owes the Country Some Answers  Bloomberg
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  1. Kentucky governor says he exposed his children to chickenpox rather than getting vaccine  CNN
  2. Kentucky governor says he exposed his children to chickenpox  NBCNews.com
  3. A GOP governor doesn't believe in chickenpox vaccines. He took his nine kids to a pox party instead.  The Washington Post
  4. What Happens When Lawmakers Run Out of Abortion Restrictions to Pass  The New York Times
  5. Kentucky governor says he intentionally exposed his 9 kids to chickenpox  Fox News
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  1. March Madness 2019 bracket: Proven computer simulation makes surprising upset picks  CBS Sports
  2. March Madness doesn't need the excessive First Four games  Washington Examiner
  3. Bracket Names 2019: Best Funny March Madness Team Titles  Heavy.com
  4. NCAA Tournament 2019 bracket picks, optimal predictions from proven computer model  CBS Sports
  5. NCAA tournament 2019: What channel is truTV on?  cleveland.com
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  1. Watch: Jung Joon Young Admits To All Charges And Apologizes Before Interrogation At Court  soompi
  2. Court reviews arrest request on K-pop singer Jung Joon-young  The Associated Press
  3. Jung Joon-young at court over sex video scandal  Korea Times
  4. South Korean K-pop singer embroiled in sex scandal arrives at court  News 1st
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  1. Australia braces for twin cyclones as state of emergency declared in Northern Territory  CNN
  2. WEATHER UPDATE: tropical cyclone Trevor rapidly intensifying, 21 March 2019  Bureau of Meteorology
  3. Evacuations on Australian island before Tropical Cyclone Trevor  Aljazeera.com
  4. Cyclone Trevor: State of EMERGENCY declared in Australia Northern Territory ahead of storm  Express.co.uk
  5. Mass evacuation underway as northern Australia braces for 2 cyclones  UPI News
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  1. Levi Strauss worth $6.5bn in stock market return  BBC News
  2. Levi Strauss prices IPO at $17 a share  CNBC
  3. Levi Strauss Heads Back to Public Markets Amid IPO Boom  The Wall Street Journal
  4. Levi's Raises $623 Million in Market Return as IPOs Heat Up  Bloomberg
  5. Levi Strauss IPO seeing high demand, more than 10 times oversubscribed: Sources  CNBC
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  1. Lee Daniels Addresses ''Pain and Anger'' Amid Jussie Smollett Scandal  E! Online
  2. "Empire" Co-Creator Lee Daniels Says The Cast Has Experienced "Pain And Anger" After The Jussie Smollett Case  BuzzFeed News
  3. Lee Daniels Speaks Out About the Empire Cast's 'Pain and Anger' After Jussie Smollett Scandal  PEOPLE.com
  4. Will 'Empire' Be Canceled After Season 5 Because of Jussie Smollett's Legal Issues?  The Cheat Sheet
  5. Lee Daniels Reveals the ‘Empire’ Team’s ‘Anger’ and ‘Sadness’ at the Jussie Smollett Fallout  Variety
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  1. New Zealand seeks quick ban on nearly all semi-automatic weapons  NBC News
  2. Assault rifles to be banned New Zealand in aftermath of massacre, Prime Minister announces  CNN
  3. Christchurch pupils perform haka for Jacinda Ardern  Guardian News
  4. Opinion | New Zealand is showing America how to respond to mass shootings  The Washington Post
  5. The hypocrisy of New Zealand's 'this is not us' claim  Al Jazeera English
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  1. Rep. Ilhan Omar's 'anti-Semitic tropes' prompt Jewish New York Dem to apologize to constituents  Fox News
  2. Dem apologizes to constituents for Omar's remarks | TheHill  The Hill
  3. A Museum Tackles Myths About Jews and Money  The New York Times
  4. Israel’s High Court Won’t Stand for Jewish Supremacism  Bloomberg
  5. Singing in Europe's last Middle Eastern colony  Al Jazeera English
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  1. Schnepf: With Duke next, NDSU will receive the most exposure...  Grand Forks Herald
  2. NCAA Tournament 2019: Winners and Losers of Wednesday's First Four Games  Bleacher Report
  3. NC State vs. North Dakota St. game highlights  NCAA March Madness
  4. N.C. Central coach gets his wish, avoids Duke in NCAA tournament after First Four loss to North Dakota State  Yahoo Sports
  5. Bison hang on to beat North Carolina Central, face top-ranked Duke next  INFORUM
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Massive 4-day fire at Texas petrochemicals facility finally extinguished  Fox News

Emergency crews in Texas on Wednesday finally extinguished a massive fire ​​​​​​​that had engulfed a petrochemicals facility for four days.

  1. Google's new gaming service will let game makers use rival clouds, executive says  Reuters
  2. Google Made Chromecast Cool Again  Gizmodo
  3. Google Unveils New Gaming Platform Stadia  Mashable
  4. Google Stadia Cloud-Based Multi-GPU Tech Demo Showcased by UL Benchmarks  Wccftech
  5. Stadia Impressions: Google's Xbox + PS4 killer is the device you already own?!  Android Central
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  1. Beset in Israel and facing a tough re-election, Netanyahu clings to Trump  NBCNews.com
  2. Pompeo, Netanyahu push continued pressure on Iran  CBS News
  3. Pompeo’s Visit to Israel Seen as Election Boost to Netanyahu  The Wall Street Journal
  4. Pompeo calls for Gulf unity at start of Middle East tour  Aljazeera.com
  5. Israel’s Netanyahu gets election campaign boost, courtesy of Trump administration  Los Angeles Times
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  1. Smallest and farthest worlds ever explored by NASA are really weird  Tarentum Valley News Dispatch
  2. NASA reveals Bennu asteroid is spewing particles into space  Engadget
  3. NASA's Surprise Discovery on Bennu Just Changed What We Know About Asteroids  ScienceAlert
  4. Here's the Right Way to Nuke an Asteroid (Sorry, Bruce Willis)  Space.com
  5. The Mysterious Exploding Asteroid  The Atlantic
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  1. Tavi Gevinson does the best, most frightening Elizabeth Holmes impression  Mashable
  2. Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes allegedly faked her voice to make it sound lower  Fox News
  3. The psychology of deception: How Elizabeth Holmes fooled everyone about Theranos for so long  CNBC
  4. Stare into the void with these GIFs of Elizabeth Holmes  The A.V. Club
  5. What Does It Mean That Elizabeth Holmes Doesn’t Blink?  The Cut
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Gold Price Forecast Brightens amid Drop in US Treasury Yields  DailyFX

Gold prices may see further gains as US Treasury yields continue their break lower in the near-term.

  1. EU Leader Supports Short-Term Brexit Delay But Lays Pressure On UK Lawmakers  NPR
  2. E.U. Officials Agree to Brexit Delay, but With Conditions  The New York Times
  3. Brexit: EU says short delay is possible if MPs back deal  BBC News
  4. What Europe Should Do About Brexit  Bloomberg
  5. Britain is in a hole – Europe, we need you to dig us out  The Guardian
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  1. Postpartum depression: There’s finally a drug for it. Too bad it’s $34,000.  Vox.com
  2. Postpartum Depression Drug Approved By FDA: What To Know | TODAY  TODAY
  3. This Postpartum-Depression Drug Has Unusual Potential  Bloomberg
  4. FDA approves first postpartum depression drug  CNN
  5. New Postpartum Drug Is the Second Wholly Different Depression Treatment to be Approved This Month  Gizmodo
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  1. US judge halts hundreds of drilling projects in groundbreaking climate change ruling  The Guardian
  2. Citing climate change, U.S. judge blocks oil and gas drilling in large swath of Wyoming  NBCNews.com
  3. Federal judge demands Trump administration reveal how its drilling plans will fuel climate change  The Washington Post
  4. Judge: Government must consider climate change in oil drilling leases  CNN
  5. Dem senators demand offshore drilling info before Bernhardt confirmation hearing | TheHill  The Hill
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Fed news sends bond yields sharply lower; US stocks mixed  Yahoo News

Banks led U.S. stocks mostly lower Wednesday after a brief rally sparked by the Federal Reserve's latest policy update faded. The real action centered in the ...

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  1. Number of Fentanyl deaths climbing in Middle Tennessee  WKRN News 2
  2. Steep Rise In Fentanyl-Linked Deaths Marks Opioid Epidemic's Third Wave : Shots - Health News  NPR
  3. Fentanyl overdose deaths in the U.S. have been doubling every year  Los Angeles Times
  4. Fentanyl Increasingly Source of U.S. Drug Overdose Deaths  Bloomberg
  5. Fentanyl drug overdose deaths rising most sharply among African Americans  Washington Post
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  1. With the end of 20th Century Fox, a new era dawns for Hollywood  Japan Today
  2. Fox Entertainment Lays Out Programming Slate in Post-Disney Merger Sizzle Reel (Watch)  Variety
  3. Disney/Fox merger: what Disney owns now  Vox.com
  4. Read the memo Disney CEO Bob Iger sent to employees after closing the $71 billion Fox deal  CNBC
  5. Why 'Avengers: Endgame' Shouldn't Include an X-Men Post-Credit Scene  Comicbook.com
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  1. ‘The Act’ Review: Hulu’s Very Strange True Story Gets a Weird Enough TV Treatment  IndieWire
  2. Joey King & Patricia Arquette Transform for "The Act" | E! News  E! News
  3. 'The Act' spins deadly mother-daughter story into Hulu series  CNN
  4. Patricia Arquette takes on shocking Gypsy Rose crime in 'The Act': The mom-daughter relationship was 'toxic'  Fox News
  5. Everything to Know About Munchausen by Proxy Abuse of Gypsy Rose Blanchard That Inspired The Act  PEOPLE.com
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  1. Giant X-ray 'chimneys' are exhaust vents for vast energies produced at Milky Way's center: Close look at what might be happening in other, more energetic galaxies  Science Daily
  2. Giant X-ray 'chimneys' are exhaust vents for vast energies produced at Milky Way's center  Phys.org
  3. These Two Cosmic 'Chimneys' Could Be Fueling the Galaxy-Sized Bubbles Looming Over the Milky Way  Live Science
  4. Colossal X-ray "chimneys" discovered at center of the Milky Way  New Atlas
  5. X-ray chimneys in the Galactic Centre  Nature.com
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2019 NCAA tournament predictions: Picks, upsets for March Madness, South Region  NCAA.com

Our 2019 NCAA tournament predictions head to the South Region. After recent NCAA tournament struggles, No. 1 Virginia is ready to go on a run.

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  1. Time To Emerge From Your Caves, It's The Spring Equinox  Gothamist
  2. The first day of spring is here. Here's what you should know about the spring equinox  CNN
  3. The spring equinox arrives Wednesday evening. Here’s everything you need to know.  The Washington Post
  4. Spring arrives. What really is an equinox?  WTOP
  5. Spring equinox 2019: Ancient traditions echo in our modern world  CNN
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  1. How to Prioritize App Downloads in iOS  Lifehacker
  2. Kaia's motion-tracking workout app remembers which rep you're on  Engadget
  3. Why this week’s Apple PR blitz is brilliant [Opinion]  Cult of Mac
  4. Apple sets March 27 deadline for developers to support iPhone XS Max, 2018 iPad Pro  AppleInsider
  5. How Apple makes billions of dollars selling services  The Verge
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U.S. farmers face devastation following Midwest floods  Reuters

Midwestern farmers have been gambling they could ride out the U.S.-China trade war by storing their corn and soybeans anywhere they could - in bins, plastic ...

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  1. Dozens of headstones at Jewish cemetery defaced with swastikas, anti-Semitic messages  ABC News
  2. Fifty-nine gravestones vandalized at Massachusetts Jewish cemetery: 'Oy vey, this is MAGA Country'  Fox News
  3. Swastikas, other anti-Semitic graffiti defaces Jewish cemetery in Massachusetts  NBC News
  4. 'An inexcusable act': 59 graves vandalized at Hebrew cemetery in Massachusetts, police say  USA TODAY
  5. Anti-Semitic vandals deface gravestones at Jewish cemetery  New York Post
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  1. Medical Update On Nikola Mirotic  Bucks.com
  2. Bucks' Mirotic will miss 2-4 weeks, sources say  ESPN
  3. Nikola Mirotic injury update: Bucks forward out 2-4 weeks with fractured thumb as injuries hit East leaders at worst time  CBS Sports
  4. Hits keep coming for Milwaukee Bucks  WISN Milwaukee
  5. Report: Bucks' Mirotic (thumb) to miss 2-4 weeks  NBA.com
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  1. Support for US Cannabis Legalization Reaches New High, Poll Finds  Leafly
  2. Strong marijuana use increases risk of psychosis, study finds  CBS News
  3. High potency pot 'strongly linked' to psychosis: study  Medical Xpress
  4. Marijuana and psychosis: Smoking strong pot increases risk, study finds  CBS News
  5. Smoking strong pot daily raises risk of psychosis, study finds  USA TODAY
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  1. Nowata County Commissioners Name Interim Sheriff  News On 6
  2. Oklahoma sheriff and all of her deputies resign in protest over dangerous jail conditions  NBC News
  3. An Oklahoma sheriff and all her deputies resigned together — and now no one knows who's in charge  INSIDER
  4. Oklahoma Sheriff and Deputies Resign After Refusing to Reopen Jail Over Safety Fears  The New York Times
  5. Oklahoma sheriff and deputies resign en masse over jail conditions | TheHill  The Hill
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‘So Heartbreaking’: Funerals Begin for New Zealand Attack Victims  The New York Times

As the first six victims of the Christchurch mosque shootings were laid to rest, some affected families were still waiting to learn the fate of their loved ones.

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  1. The first day of spring is here. Here's what you should know about the spring equinox  wlfi.com
  2. Full Worm Moon Live Stream: Watch Last Supermoon of 2019, Spring Equinox, Live Online  Newsweek
  3. How to see the 'super worm equinox moon,' the last supermoon of 2019  NBC News
  4. Rare equinox super moon takes place over Pittsburgh tonight  WPXI Pittsburgh
  5. Tonight’s spring equinox “supermoon,” explained in one chart  Vox.com
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  1. AirPods, the world's most popular wireless headphones, are getting even better  Apple Newsroom
  2. New AirPods vs. Old AirPods Comparison  Mac Rumors
  3. Apple announces AirPods 2 with wireless charging case, better battery life and 'Hey Siri'  CNN
  4. Apple’s new AirPods come with a wireless charging case, Hey Siri support, and more battery life  The Verge
  5. AirPods 2 vs. AirPods: Spec comparison  CNET
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